Q3 ENERGIE simplifies the installation of the QFire fireman’s switch: Plug & Play for the control cable


Q3, a leading supplier of innovative PV Fire Switches, now offers its QFire systems with "Plug & Play" for the control line. This innovation has been developed to make the installation of the fire switch as simple and efficient as possible.

The core of this innovation is the customised pre-wired connections for the control cable. This means that the control line from the control box to the distribution box and, if necessary, to other distribution boxes, no longer needs to be connected to terminals in the enclosure. All the installer has to do is fit the supplied mating connectors to his control line on site and connect it to the control box and the switch box. These pre-wired connections make installation much easier and save valuable time during installation.

The benefits of the new QFire fireman's switch with plug & play control lines are

  1. Time saving: Installation is speeded up as the appropriate mating connectors can be pre-assembled on the control cable and only need to be plugged in on site.
  2. Easy to use: No internal wiring is required on the terminals for the control cables, only the mains and earth connections need to be wired internally.
  3. Customised solutions: The individual requirements of each fireman's switch are taken into account on site.

With the introduction of connector technology in the QFire fireman's switch, Q3 continues its tradition of evolving established products.


About Q3: Q3 ENERGIE GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces and distributes electronic devices, primarily in the fields of renewable energy, autonomous power supply and smart city applications.


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QFire Fire Switch Control Box Connector & Play
Example: Switch box with connection from the control box and forwarding to the next switch box
QFire Fire Switch Control Box Connector & Play
Example: last switchbox with connection from the previous one