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In 2024, Intersolar will bring together innovators and visionaries from all over the world to present and discuss the latest technologies, strategies and market opportunities in the field of solar energy.

Germany's role in European solar policy is both leading and pioneering, characterized by innovation, ambitious targets for the use of renewable energies and concrete measures to promote solar energy. With its long history of developing and promoting renewable energies, Germany has made a significant contribution to shaping solar energy policy in Europe.

PV fireman's switch Made in Germany

What you can expect at our stand B3.137

Modern and innovative technologies "Made in Germany" ensure the continuation of our prosperity and the future of our children.

Q3 has been active in the development and production of solar technologies for almost one and a half decades and is introducing the QFire PV fireman's switch, a pioneering shutdown technology for PV systems up to the megawatt range.

The European Parliament recently passed the so-called EU solar standard, according to which solar installations on new commercial and public buildings will be mandatory by the end of 2026. Although photovoltaic fire department switches are not mandatory for these types of buildings, they can be part of the safety concept for public and commercial buildings, depending on the system design and location.

Basic information on the QFire PV fireman's switch

The control box is installed centrally near the inverter or at another accessible point on the AC grid. The switch boxes are installed close to the module, from where cables can be switched off safely and without arcing using special high-performance relays.

QFire Feuerwehrschalter Flamme

The PV system is switched off

  • Manually on the control box
  • via an external emergency stop or key switch
  • Coupled via the fire alarm control panel
  • AC-coupled via the mains in the event of a power failure - the system switches back on automatically when the mains is restored
  • due to undervoltage (e.g. cable break) or severe fluctuations in the AC grid
QFire Feuerwehrschalter Flamme

Special features of the Q3 QFire fireman's switch

Q3 QFire fire switches are certified to IEC 60947-3 and are individually manufactured to customer requirements - Made in Germany. The integration of various connection technology components such as overvoltage protection through to string current measurement enables customized solutions. The number of switchable strings per disconnect box, the connector or terminal technology and metal housings for industrial applications can also be customized to suit the customer or system.

QFire Feuerwehrschalter Flamme

Cluster technology - up to 5 different roof surfaces with one control box

Up to five different roof surfaces can now be approached and switched off with a single control box. In the event of a power failure, all clusters go into a safe state and switch on automatically when the network is restored.

Plug & play for the control line - monitoring - delay switching - planner training - and and and!

We look forward to seeing you!

As a proud exhibitor, we would not only like to present our latest products and innovations in the field of PV firefighting switches, but also offer you the opportunity to talk directly to our experts. Take the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into our advanced solutions and find out how they can support your projects.

Our team is at your disposal for questions, discussions and personal advice. We look forward to discussing customized solutions for your specific requirements.


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