Lithium ion rechargeable battery – Pouch cell 3.7 V – 15 Ah – 95% DoD


LMP rechargeable lithium cell power supply

Lithium LMP cells for high-performance batteries


The long-term storage cell with 55 Wh and 15 Ah is particularly impressive due to its

  • Extremely low self-discharge and very long shelf life
  • the cell can be charged and discharged within a temperature range of -20 to +60°C
  • High security


Extremely low self-discharge and very long shelf life:
As a rule, lithium-ion cells have a self-discharge rate of approx. 4% per month. In comparison, our cell has a self-discharge of only 4% per year and can therefore be available for several years without recharging, e.g. as a backup!


The cell can be charged and discharged within a temperature range of -20 to +60°C:
(discharge at T=<0°C, max 0.1 C): Most batteries cannot be charged below 0°C. This is a major advantage of our cell for outdoor applications in combination with a solar cell, for example.


High level of safety: the battery has no tendency to catch fire or even explode.


A flexible and adaptable cell for your stationary or mobile indoor, outdoor and industrial applications as well as for off-grid applications, self-sufficient power supply and sensor systems. Reliable off-grid power - for years!

Technische Daten Lithium LMP Zelle

55 Wh
Elektrische Ladung
15 Ah @ 25 Grad / 0,3 C
Entladestrom (Dauerstrom)
0,5 C (1 C max)
0,5 C/CV+CC
95 % DoD @0,3 C
Anzahl der Zyklen
>3.300 (0,3 C)
3,7 V
Spannungsbereich (nominal)
3,4 V bis 4,2 V
-20°C bis +60°C
Selbstentladung der Batterie
< 0,4% im Monat
Lithium Polymer
UN 38-3, Propagationstest
Zusätzlich bestandene Batterie Sicherheitstest
Nageltest, Unterfeuerungstest
Empfohlenes Ladegerät
LiPo Charger DC 2 A bis 4,2 V CVCC
Abmessungen (LxBxH, ohne Anschlussfahnen)

186 x 89 x 9 mm
360 g
2 x Cu Folie 15 x 0,1mm
Sicherung bei Kurzschluss der Zelle
integriert @ I > 250A
Empfohlene Überwachungselektronik
Überspannungs- und Tiefentladeschutz
Elektromobilität, mobile Anwendungen, Outdoor Energieversorgung, Messsysteme, Verkehrstechnik, Notstrom Versorgung, ...

Suitable for systems whose function must be ensured at all times:

Smart City