Process Flow Electronics Development – Work Steps


Process Flow Electronics Development


Contact Electronic Development

1 Contact

At first we only need your contact details and a short description of the task (if this is possible at all). Of course we will treat your sensitive information confidentially.

We will get in touch with you and arrange an appointment for a meeting, of course free of charge and without obligation. It may be sufficient to discuss the project on the phone or even just to send the task by e-mail. For more extensive and demanding tasks, however, it is always an advantage to get to know each other personally.

Here we try, as best we can, to put ourselves into the problem in order to understand where exactly "the rabbit is in the bag".

The more complex the challenge, the more questions we will have to ask. But in the end we will understand it and we will probably be able to suggest a solution to you after a few days.


Specification Electronic Development

2 Specification

To be able to submit a concept with a first, non-binding cost estimate with a rough time schedule, we need a specification from you.

Please pay particular attention to the following points in your specification:

  • Exact description of the desired functions and properties of the development result in relation to the development scope.
  • Electrical properties
  • Electronic properties
  • Functional diagram (e.g. PAP, block diagram)
  • How can these properties be determined?
  • Description of the application
  • Which certifications and/or tests are aimed at (e.g. EMC pre-tests, standards) ?
  • Should certification and testing be carried out or accompanied by Q3?
  • Are the relevant standards available electronically or in writing or must they be purchased or obtained by Q3?
  • How is the development result documented?


Offer Electronic Development

3 Offer

It will take some time until we have processed your specifications into a concept. Afterwards we can provide you with a non-binding cost estimate with a rough time schedule. Please note: Our cost estimate can only be as accurate as your specification!

In order to keep the costs clear and manageable for you, we usually prepare an offer for the evaluation including project outline and functional and requirement specifications separately at a fixed price. Thus there are no unpleasant surprises. You will receive a clear specification and a requirement specification, which exactly describes the task and the solution and on which the achievement of the goals can be based. So you know what you will get and we know what we have to do!

With this procedure we would like to take away a possible uncertainty. On the basis of these documents you can order further development, but you do not have to. In this way, we support you in the concretization of your plans.


Evaluation, Requirements Specification, Specifications Electronic Development

4 Evaluation, Requirement Specifications

In the evaluation phase it is determined which technical characteristics are necessary to obtain a suitable system. From this, an exact product specification is derived and the requirements specification is created, which describes all properties of the product to be developed. This development step is completed when the product specification and the requirements specification are available and confirmed by the customer. The basis for the creation of these documents is a project sketch.

After handing over the documents, you can decide for yourself whether you want to continue your development, postpone it or discontinue it.

For example, your development goal could be:

Development of a device: Delivery of a prototype that can be reproduced in series and which fulfils the properties defined in the specification (requirements/specifications). Including the following production documents :

    • Parts lists of the assemblies in Excel format with quantity, description, article number, supplier proposal
    • block diagrams of the modules



Technical Electronic Development

5 Technical Electronic Development


Once we have clearly defined what we have to do, we start to design and develop your concept. We work transparently and let you participate in our steps.

Technical Electronic Development

You have control over the current status and progress of your development project. This means that we demonstrate the achievement of our previously defined milestones, e.g. by presenting circuit diagrams or program flow charts or later by presenting the functional model.


Prototype Electronic Development

Delivery Prototype

For economic reasons, however, we recommend a small initial series before the production of large series, in order to be able to test all conditions in the field extensively and prevent all eventualities.



Serial Production Electronic Development

7 Series Production

If the initial series is successfully tested, the product is ready for series production.

Technical Electronic Development

We assure you a competent and cooperative execution already now.


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