Our 3 phase inverter series QX³ we provide a reliable inverter with integrated data logging and web server for inline monitoring. We garantuee a product of high quality made in Germany. The multiple MPP tracking  (MPP = Maximum Power Point) takes maximum advantage of the solar radiation and ensures that the solar system always achieves optimum revenue. achieving the optimum revenue. The MPP trackers regulate different strings, , thereby even to take account e.g. of different roof pitches and partial shading.

Caused by highest quality components, intelligently laid out and efficiently cooled, we acchieve an efficiency of 98%. Even with low sunlight good revenues are available.



An overview of the most important features:





The cost-effective single phase inverter with two MPP-trackers is a true multi-talent. With its integrated booster, it works with shorter strings and thus also at relatively low solar radiation. Small roofs with different alignments and shading are no longer a problem.

With a power range between 4 and 6 kWp and an MPP voltage input of 80 – 400 V, the QY inverters are suitable for small and medium-sized systems in grid parallel and off grid operation. Including free web server!



An overview of the most important features: