Designer and installer training on QFire PV fire switches

PV fireman's switch online training for planners

As diverse as our fireman's switch is, so are the questions about it!


We know it's not that simple. What does the slave control box do and why a delay circuit? How many surge arresters can I plan for and why? How does the connection to the fire panel work? What is galvanic isolation, what is the difference between a control box and a switch box, how does the fire switch switch off and why can it switch on automatically? How do arc-free switching, undervoltage and cable break detection work? And most importantly, how do I size the QFire (up to the megawatt range)?


Online Training on QFire PV fire switches

Upcoming ONLINE Trainings


Thursday, 11 April | 14:00 o'clock

Friday, 3 May | 14:00 o'clock

We would like to discuss the following topics with you:


▪ Switch-off devices on the DC side of PV systems
▪ Products
▪ Standards
▪ Planning aid
▪ Planning
▪ Design
▪ Dimensioning
▪ Surge protection different classes

Duration of the online training course: approx. 2 hours.

The training is free of charge for you.

>> Here you can find more information about our versatile smart fireman's switch for PV systems

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