AC Sub-distribution

Connection technology PV generator terminal box AC sub-distribution



AC Sub-distribution


  • customised AC Box for up to 24 inverters
  • Automatic 3-phase
  • IP54 housing
  • cable entry via M cable glands
  • coupled membrane ventilation
  • NH Isolator up to 1,000 A
  • ÜSS Combination arrester T1+T2

Our portfolio in the field of connection technology, string boxes, generator connection boxes

String Box Simple

extremely low construction, up to 5 inputs

String Box Easy

extremely compact, up to 18 inputs


String box with galvanically separated printed circuit boards

String Box BIG

Generator junction box for large plants/parks

AC Sub-distribution

customer-specific variant with OVP T1+T2

Special Boxes

cost-optimised - benefit-optimised