Independent Power Supply

independent power supply

QTARK - independent power supply for indoor and outdoor applications


A flexible and adaptable modular solution for autarkic power supply and sensor systems.
Ideal for stationary or mobile indoor, outdoor and industrial applications as well as for off-grid applications.
Reliable off-grid power - for years!

For individual standard construction or project-specific - customized applications.

On request with wireless data transmission. Maintenance-free!

Consisting of:

  • Module
  • Storage Medium
  • Charger



Application areas for this independent power supply are:

Measuring stations, monitoring systems, traffic guidance systems, parking ticket machines, street lighting, radio stations ... in all industrial applications in the automotive industry, ...

Maintenance-free, reliable, noiseless and environmentally friendly

Whether stationary or mobile power supply: We offer expert advice, planning and an individual intelligent product.

Designed for systems whose function must be ensured at all times:

A reliable independent energy supply is becoming increasingly important in many areas. Reliability is of the highest importance when it comes to the complete recording of characteristic data, the monitoring of sensitive measurement data or the storage of important information. New technologies offer unprecedented possibilities here.


Smart City


Cities and communities are becoming smarter and smarter. Whether it is the disposal of waste or the monitoring of parking lots - modern technologies offer a variety of possibilities to make urban and rural structures clean, environmentally friendly, effective and cost-effective. Very often, however, there are no connections to the power grid or the Internet. We offer specific solutions with self-sufficient power supply and secure communication technology.


Smart City

Schematic simple application area QTARK, basic modular system:

The module supplies the consumer and the battery via the charge controller. If the energy of the module is not sufficient, it is taken from the battery.

Schematic of extended QTARK application range, extension:

The module supplies the sensors and possible consumers as well as the battery via the charge controller. If the energy of the module is not sufficient, it is taken from the battery.

The solutions, including the entire electronics, can be integrated in a single housing with very small dimensions.

Different sensor types offer complete monitoring and control.

The data is broken down and further processed according to your requirements.


QTARK Modular System

The system is designed in a special way that a service and maintenance free operation of 5 - 10 years can be achieved for low energy applications!


*Standard Basic Set

QTARK-Basis PV Module, Battery and Charge Controller
  • PV Module 5 Watt
  • Charger up to 1 A
  • Batterie longlife LMP technology with 17.500 mAh, working range -20°C bis 60°C
  • Output voltage from battery nominal 3,7 Volt (3,3 bis 4,2 Volt)
  • On request with constant output 5 Volt/750 mA

Alternative: As above, only with lithium ion battery, optionally 2,500, 5,000 or 7,500 mAh incl. temperature management. (This system charges the battery in the range of 0 - 60°C, a discharge is possible down to -10°C)


QTARK-Extension Computing Unit, Data Transmission, Sensors

Development of customer-specific measuring systems, microcontrollers, data transmissions and sensors on request

Adoption of adaptations for installation in housings and mechanical adaptation

Installation Option

QTARK modular system housing

System can be installed in any housing of your choice



Database Management System

QTARK-Onlineportal Your own Database Management & Administration



We are also happy to evaluate your data via a database management system!

It's not your company that has to match the software - it's the software that has to match your company!
This is exactly where we come in!

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Smart City