Large Alpha EES Storion T50/100 storage tanks – for industry, trade or agriculture


Storion T50/T100 modular commercial storage system


There are many motivations for complete storage solutions for commercial, industrial and agricultural facilities:

> Optimization of energy supply - increase in self-consumption - energy self-sufficiency and high self-sufficiency rate
>> Secure power supply and protection in the event of power failures
>> Key to the energy transition
>> Generate showpiece


Large and commercial storage tanks require more extensive planning than domestic storage tanks. We support industrial and commercial enterprises as well as agricultural businesses in finding the right solution for their individual application.

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Off-grid / microgrid solution

Alpha ESS storage systems enable 100% energy independence, regardless of whether a connection to the public power grid has been deliberately disconnected or because it is not available in remote locations. In both cases, however, an emergency generator is recommended to ensure a power supply even during persistently bad weather. Fuel consumption will be minimal, as most of the electricity required will be covered by the solar system and the battery system.

Alpha ESS also offers virtual power plant solutions that allow decentralized energy producers to connect, communicate and share energy within an energy community. A microgrid of this kind enables a community to supply itself with electricity independently of the public grid and yet with a very low probability of failure.

System Alpha EES Storion T50/T100

Nennleistung50/100 kW
Max. Modulanzahl5-9 in Reihe per Cluster, max. 20 Cluster
Hybrid-Wechselrichter3-phasiger Netzanschluss
Max. Speicherkapazität1.032,2 kWh
NotstromfunktionUSV (mit STS-Modul)
Gewicht System520/750 kg
ZertifikateAS 4777.2/.3, IEC 62109-1&-2

Batterie M48112-S

Nennkapazität5.7 kWh
ZelltechnologieLFP (LiFePO4)
Nutzbare Kapazität5.2 kWh
Nennspannung51.2 V
Entladetiefe (DoD)90 %
Max. Modulanzahl180
Abmessung450 x 580 x 165 mm
Gewicht65 kg


The most important features at a glance:


State-of-the-art lithium battery technology

Alpha ESS only uses LFP batteries to ensure safe operation and a high number of cycles - and of course also because of their superior service life, high level of safety and better environmental compatibility.

Alpha Storion Smile B3

Scope of delivery

Your energy storage system comes as a complete package ready for connection and can even be installed by a single person thanks to its compact design! It includes all the necessary components at no extra charge - inverter, batteries, cable box, BMS, EMS and, on top of that, a free online portal and an app for a good overview.

Wall mounting Storion SMILE B3

Emergency power function

Even in the event of a power failure, the sun's energy is available to you free of charge. Enjoy your own electricity even during power outages and faults or when working in and on the power grid! The backup box comes with an electricity meter function, supports UPS and stand-alone operation (off-grid) and also enables load management in the event of a power failure

Alpha EES Smile B3 Backup Box storage system

Free online portal & app

Live network monitoring of the power generated by the PV system, consumption, battery charge status and feed-in to and consumption from the grid - in the online portal or in the practical app. Simply log in with your Alpha ID!

Alpha EES Smile B3 storage system Online monitoring & app



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