String Box Easy Duo/Trio Channel

Connection technology PV generator junction box String Box Easy Duo/Trio Channel



Stringbox Easy Duo/Trio Channel


For larger thin-film systems and systems with crystalline modules

  • fast assembly without clamps
  • flexible protection via fuses and/or diodes
  • can be equipped with many options (e.g. ÜSS)


Areas of application
Small to medium string combinations with crystalline modules with a maximum total output current of up to 90 A. Thin-film systems of all types in which the string combinations do not exceed an output current of 90 A.

Basic construction

The Easy Duo/Trio Channel string box is a clever variant which, when it can be used, significantly reduces the cost of the box and installation! There is a wide range of possible applications for this variant. The trick is that we galvanically separate the circuit boards internally, thus enabling two or three different MPP trackers or inverters to be started up, and all this with just one box.

PV Anschlusstechnik GAK Stringbox Duo Channel
Connection system PV String Box Easy with surge protection
Connection system PV String Box Easy with surge protection

Technical Data String Box Easy


Number of strings4 to 18
I max. per string8 A
U max. per string1 kV
Contacting H4/MC4 DC plugs
Plug cable cross-section2,5 to 6 mm²


Number of outputs1-2
I max. per string90 A
U max. per string1 kV
Contacting H4/MC4 DC plugs
Plug cable cross-section4 to 6 mm²


Maximum power90 kW
String protection PV fuse/diode, positive and/or negative pole possible
HousingUV-resistant housing, IP65, ventilation membrane at the bottom
Dimensions (in mm, LxWxH)depending on the version e.g. 400x300x132 or 600x300x132


DC circuit breaker
Overvoltage protection T1+T2/T2

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