LoRa Application Moisture Sensor Soil Moisture

QMIDITY - Moisture sensor for the detection of soil moisture


Save time and money through sensible and cost-saving irrigation!

This capacitive soil moisture sensor is simply plugged into the soil and measures electronically, permanently and reliably the moisture level in the soil. Via LoRa WAN the data is sent to the cloud every 30 minutes and thus directly to your PC or smartphone - watering is only done when necessary.

Our sensor is available in a plastic housing or aluminium tube and reliably transmits humidity, voltage, temperature and, if desired, the software version.

The energy supply is provided by a lithium-ion battery with 6,000/7,500 mAh (sensor) to 16,000 mAh (system).

The USB rechargeable battery of the sensors allows a self-sufficient operation of approximately one year with half-hourly value transmission.

The measuring system is automatically recharged by a solar cell and is thus in self-sufficient continuous operation.

Depending on the soil conditions, measurements can be evaluated differently.

Further advantages:

individual cable length, up to 5 meter/sensor
also suitable for automatic irrigation
Solenoid valve optional

For individual standard construction or project-specific for your tailor-made application! Customer-specific variants possible - we will be pleased to realise your wishes. Simply send us your requirements or a specification.


Application areas for this are:


Standard Sensor

  • humidity sensor (available in plastic housing or aluminium tube)
  • battery
  • calculation unit
  • data transmission via LoRa
  • Measuring System

    • connection for up to 5 sensors
    • long life battery
    • calculation unit
    • data transmission via LoRa
    • optional with solenoid valve

    Measuring System Set Solar

    Computer in sheet steel housing including solar module for the connection of up to 5 cable-connected humidity sensors.


    Technical Data Humidity Sensor


    Plastic housing

    Aluminium tube

    MaterialMaterial Polycarbonate housing with polyurethane sealAluminium with plastic closure
    Dimensions (without brass probe)80 x 120 x 86 mm150 x 65 mm
    Probe length110 mm110 mm
    Weight411 g416 g
    Protection classIP66/IP67IP66/IP67


    Data transmissionLoRa WAN 868 MHzLoRa WAN 868 MHz
    Transmission datahumidity, battery charge status, temperature, software versionhumidity, battery charge status, temperature, software version
    Data transmission interval 30 minutes30 minutes

    Energy supply

    Rechargeable battery on lithium ion technology, approx. 7.000 mAh usable capacityon lithium ion technology, approx. 6.500 mAh usable capacity
    Recharge USB StandardUSB Standard

    Example Dashboard Hydro Sensor


    Technical Data Humidity Sensor Measuring System


    Material Housing Sheet steel powder-coated, stainless steel
    Dimensions (without posts)250 x 600 x 200 mm
    Weight 2,3 kg
    Protection class housing: IP44, computer + battery: IP66/67


    Data transmissionLoRa WAN 868 MHz
    Transmission datahumidity, battery charge status, temperature, software version
    Data transmission interval 30 minutes

    Energy supply

    Rechargeable batteryapprox. 16.000 mAh LMP battery
    Primary PV module

    Example Dashboard Measuring System


    Also available as single sensor!


    The inexpensive alternative for simple applications: single sensor with cable connection for analog output values.


    Smart City

    Towns and communities are becoming smarter and smarter. Whether it is the disposal of waste or the monitoring of parking lots - modern technologies offer a variety of possibilities to make urban and rural structures clean, environmentally friendly, effective and cost-effective. Very often, however, connections to the power grid and the Internet are missing. We offer specific solutions with self-sufficient power supply and secure communication technology.

    A reliable self-sufficient energy supply is becoming increasingly important in many areas. Reliability is the top priority when it comes to the seamless recording of characteristic data, the monitoring of sensitive measurement data or the storage of important information. New technologies offer undreamt-of possibilities here.

    Database Management System

    Database Management System

    We are also happy to implement the evaluation of your data via a database management system!

    Not your company has to match the software - but the software has to match your company!
    This is where we come in!

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    Smart City