PV storage training in Bavaria

We offer you professional training on our products so that you can impress your customers with your in-depth knowledge!

See for yourself the structure of the various storage systems and their wide range of applications (home storage, commercial/industrial). Get to know the system and planning basics, the technical data and the respective functions. Complete the installation training with KfW certification. Take a look at the online registration and monitoring.

We show you how you can benefit from the rapidly growing battery storage market.

Q3 Memory training

Alpha EES Storion | Smile certification training

We will be happy to answer your questions and look forward to lively discussions with you! As a rule, the training courses take place on the premises of our Kaufbeuren branch, but we are also happy to hold group training courses on your premises. Our training courses are aimed at tradesmen, installers, service technicians and planners. Basic electrical engineering knowledge should be available.

Thomas Neumann Memory Training Storion Smile

By participating in this training course, you will receive a license key for your company that will enable you to commission ALPHA ESS storage systems and register on the online portal.

From the program

The training is divided into the areas of technology and sales.


Presentation ALPHA ESS

Successful selling with Alpha SMILE 5

  • Product presentation
  • Correct advice and successful selling
  • Contact points for questions


Presentation of ALPHA Home and industrial series

  • Design of the systems
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Online registration & monitoring

Our storage training in Kaufbeuren/Bavaria starts at 9:00 am and lasts until approx. 3:00 pm.

The nominal fee is 100 euros per person. Each participant will receive a voucher for this amount, which can be redeemed when ordering a storage system (1 voucher per storage system).