Electronics Development Service

Electronics Development


Development Services - individual, customized solutions, tailored to your requirements

No standard solution possible? Give us a challenge!

Standard solutions are often, but not always possible (or useful!). We are at your side as a competent partner for your challenge: Starting with consulting, conception and development up to the prototype or serial production.

We help you with our experience to view your development project from different perspectives

Development from the Point of View of the Developer

The developer: Ingenious product with countless features!
Development from a Commercial Point of View

Commercial Point of View: Costs vs. Revenue *grrrr*
Development from a Sales/Marketing Perspective

Sales Ability from the Viewpoint of Sales & Marketing
Development from a Production Point of View
Is it feasible to manufacture the product in series?

Take advantage of our many years of experience, which goes far beyond the area of development and optimizes your product in terms of finance, sales & marketing and also from the production point of view. Imagine your newly developed innovative egg-laying wool-milk sow, whose production in series is only possible in a very complicated way. Equipped with components with extremely long delivery times, exorbitantly expensive in purchase and production and then perhaps even from the benefit of the target group past - no one is happy!


How does a project like this work?

The most important thing first: What do you want? What are your goals and plans? What do competitors offer? How can you differ? Which price is reasonable? Who has concrete benefits? Who is the target group? The development of innovative products raises many questions. A clear concept is essential. The essence of the task must be captured.

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We're with you all the way. Q3 proudly looks back on more than 10 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of electronic devices. In the following you will find an overview of references and also many awards that prove our innovative orientation.



We are strong in these areas: Our references

Autarke Stromversorgungen

A flexible and adaptable modular solution for self-sufficient energy supply.

Intelligent Sensor Systems

Development of customer-specific measuring systems and sensor systems for complete recording.

Data transmission systems

Modern data transmissions - e.g. via LoRa WAN - make applications Smart City capable.

Individuelle Datenbanksysteme
QTARK-Online portal: Your own database Management & Administration

Gerne realisieren wir auch die Auswertung Ihrer Daten über ein Datenbank-Managementsystem.

Intelligent dog toilet

Für Städte und Gemeinden zur gezielten Leerung nach Bedarf. Direkte Datenübertragung.

EU Förderprojekt

Renewable energies meet grid stability - expansion to almost 100% possible.

Fireman's switch QFire
Fireman's switch QFire

Safe switching off of the PV generator even in an emergency by external key switch.

Connection Technology Stringbox
Connection Technology Stringbox

Individually manufactured generator junction box

Lithium Battery Technology

Modern technologies to increase DoD and cycle stability.

Series Production of Power Storage Units

Series production of power storage - soon ready for shipping!

ZIM Project Electricity Storage
ZIM Project QBEE Electricity Storage

Power storage with transformerless inverter & lithium NMC accumulator

Connection technology Stringbox
Connection technology Stringbox

Individually manufactured generator junction box


Incredibly many inverters in all variants.

More Inverters
Inverter Large Plant

Inverter for small systems up to the megawatt range

Solar Carport
Solar Carport

Inverter for use in Solar Carports

Motor Control Units
Motor Controls Power Electronics

Development of customer-specific motor control systems


Awards & nominations of Q3

Industry Award
Industry Award

Product of the Year
Product of the Year

Founders Award
Founders Award

SmartEnergyMarket Award
Smart Energy Market Award

Industry Award
Industry Award

Market Leader in New Technologies
Market Leader in New Technologies