Women’s carnival!

Off with the ties!


Weiberfasching - or Weiberfastnacht, as this day is known in the Rhineland, or "dirty Thursday" - today it's time for the ties!



The custom is actually about abandoning the differences in rank, between men and women, between boss and employee, but respect:

Legally speaking, however, you are on thin ice. According to § 823 paragraph 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB), cutting off a tie is a violation of property! 😉


Women's carnival!

Off to the meeting, with a smart tie... Not today!


Conquering the ties!

The proud conquerors 🙂
Luckily Thomas Neumann and Alexander Wagner know how to have fun!


Do I have to go to the appointment like this?

Do I SO have to go to the next meeting now?


What can I say to that?

Look at ME!


What can I say to that?

Now there are doughnuts for everyone!