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From your idea to your device!

Do you have a product idea, i.e. an idea of the product and its functions that you would like to implement? But you are not familiar with electronic circuits, the design and layout of printed circuit boards and the production of assemblies? Would you like to use the latest technologies? We can help you!

Without development, our world stands still. Imagine Harry M. Warner, head of Warner Brothers, loudly proclaiming in 1927: "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" In 1943, IBM boss Thomas Watson predicted a worldwide need for four or five computers. In 2007, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was convinced that the iPhone would not achieve a significant market share. New ideas with a great chance of success are born every day!

We support you and your idea with our entire wealth of experience and look at your project from a wide variety of angles. Is there a market for this? Is your product too complicated or too expensive? Do large companies already have a similar product in their portfolio? Let us combine our ideas, technologies and innovations, because finding solutions together is the beginning of every development!


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