Make a wish! Customized connection technology for PV power plants

Make a wish! Customized connection technology for PV power plants

We build your box!


Q3 string boxes (generator connection boxes) are manufactured individually according to your requirements from one unit upwards and vary in their features (type of housing, number of inputs and outputs, fuse/diode, etc.).

We can optionally build your box with a (remotely triggered) DC circuit breaker, overvoltage protection (T1+T2/T2), string current measurement, voltage measurement and data transmission - also wireless! This means that the right technology can be selected for every PV system variant.

  • Competent and cooperative support during planning
  • Quick and easy installation
  • PV-optimized components
  • Customer-specific = cost/benefit-optimized
  • Suitable for every module type


>> Here you will find all general information about our customized connection technology

>> Stringbox Simple, extremely low profile, up to 6 inputs

>> Stringbox Easy, extremely compact, up to 18 inputs

>> Duo/trio channel, string box with galvanically isolated circuit boards

>> String Box BIG, generator connection box for large systems/parks

>> AC sub-distribution board, customer-specific variant with ÜSS T1+T2

>> Special boxes, cost-optimized, benefit-optimized

>> You can send us the specifications of your individual project here