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Make a wish! Customer-specific Connection Technology for PV Power Plants

Make a wish! Customer-specific Connection Technology for PV Power Plants

Q3 string boxes (generator connection box) are individually manufactured according to your requirements from one copy upwards and vary in their equipment (type of housing, number of inputs and outputs, fuse/diode…). Optionally we build your box with (remote triggerable) DC circuit breaker, overvoltage protection (T1+T2/T2), string current measurement, voltage measurement and data transmission. Thus, the appropriate technology can be selected… Weiterlesen →

Autarke Stromversorgung für Indoor und Outdoor Applikationen

Independent Power Supply QTARK

A flexible and adaptable modular solution for autarkic power supply and sensor systems. Ideal for stationary or mobile indoor, outdoor and industrial applications as well as for off-grid applications. Reliable off-grid power – for years! For individual standard construction or project-specific – customized applications. On request with wireless data transmission. Maintenance-free! Consisting of: Module Storage Medium Charger   >> Further… Weiterlesen →

Individual Christmas greetings

We should know that before we wish you a nice present, because this one is quite ambiguous… But first of all, we would like to use the end of the year to thank you for the pleasant and valuable cooperation: Glades are revealed where people share their ideas and work together to create a greater whole. We at Q3 have… Weiterlesen →