AC overvoltage box – AC Box

AC Box Überspannungsschutz

AC overvoltage box



  • Custom-built AC box with overvoltage protection
  • Ready-to-install solution
  • Quick installation

Example here: AC overvoltage box with SPD DEHN 941 405 type T1 & T2. In busbar housing MI6457. 2 x entry grommets for 5 x 95mm cable M63. 2xM25 screw connection for PE. Busbars for TN-S with 10 terminals for up to 120mm. Ventilation flange. NH isolator 3 x 160 A.


Our portfolio in the field of connection technology, string boxes, generator connection boxes (GAK)

Stringbox Simple

Extremely low profile, up to 5 inputs

Stringbox Easy

Extremely compact, up to 18 inputs

Duo/Trio channel

Stringbox with galvanically isolated circuit boards

Stringbox BIG

Generator connection box for large systems/parks

AC sub-distribution board

Customer-specific variant with ÜSS T1+T2

Generator connection box String boxes Special boxes Cost-optimized Usage-optimized

Special boxes

cost-optimized - benefit-optimized

Generator connection box "large"

with overvoltage protection

Generator connection box "small"

with overvoltage protection